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Metro, Boulot, Dodo

Winnie's Homepage

Be afraid, be very afraid. With the help of a free website and pagebuilder, Winnie has made the first steps towards establishing her prescence on the web. Well, as herself, not as a lesbian smut writer. Or a webmistress of a sims website. Or a cyberslut. Or that annoying weirdo always bugging you on MSN. You get the idea.

So what are you going to put on here?
I'm not sure. It's not my smut site, it's not my roleplay or my sims website either. I suppose I'll just give you some pretty pictures to look at and talk about myself lots. I might even put up some profiles on the characters I roleplay, and just general timewasters like quotes, links, and rambling essays on Amy/Snape fic (just kidding!). I'm thinking of making this the contact point for anyone interested in starting an Amy Madison guild for the BTVS Writers Guild. And people can also use this site to bug me about whatever they want!

So, who are you?
I'm a Uni student studying Viticultural Science at La Trobe Uni, Melbourne, Australia. I'm trying to get a transfer into Arts or Science or Bio Science. I come from Canberra so guess who's back there and making a crappy site because they're bored!

I'm bored. Do you do anything other then boring stuff, like school?
I do. I write fanfiction, I roleplay (both offline and online), I worship the God & Goddess, I try and learn other languages, I read, watch movies, sing along to music. Read my fanfiction at the following link:

You roleplay. What games/where?
Offline, I play World Of Darkness. I'm new to it, but catching on fast. Online, my primary character is Amy the Witch from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I play her with a masochistic streak and it's all very hot, in The Dark Ages.

What are you looking for?